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Souvenir Center Since 2005


You can visit and shop at several of our outlets located in various regions.


Please choose the best and high-quality products with exceptional taste from Sari Barokah.


Proof that our customers are satisfied with products from Sari Barokah.

"Berkah Shopping for Souvenirs at Sari Barokah Central"? This emphasizes a blessed and convenient shopping experience, highlighting that this center is the premier destination for quality souvenirs.

The Largest and Most Complete in Indonesia

"Your visit to Bogor isn't complete without stopping by Sari Barokah Centra Oleh-oleh. The owner is very humble, and shopping here allows you to enjoy scenic views. The parking area is spacious. They have locations in almost every tourist area. Don't forget to stop by, guys!"


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Frequently Asked Questions

Sari Barokah

You can view the details of our outlets on the OUTLET Page to get complete information.

Sari Barokah sells a variety of Nusantara souvenirs. You can view the details of our products on the PRODUCT Page to get complete information.

You can order our products online via WhatsApp and Shopee.

Untuk transaksi offline di Outlet, kami menerima pembayaran Cash, Debit, Credit dan Q-Ris dari berbagai Bank.

Untuk transaksi online via Whatsapp kami menerima pembayaran transfer dari semua bank.

Untuk transaksi online via Shoppe, pembayaran mengikuti ketentuan yang ada di Shopee

Sari Barokah Souvenirs is open from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM WIB. Currently, our outlets that are open 24 hours are Sari Barokah Souvenirs The Ranch and Sari Barokah Souvenirs Cipayung 1.

  • – Tempe Chips
    – Spinach Chips
    – Lembang Milk Pie
    – Brownie Bars
    – And More

The prices of Sari Barokah products vary from cheap to expensive depending on the quantity of the product. On average, Sari Barokah products are more affordable compared to others.

All Sari Barokah Souvenir outlets have a prayer room, toilet, and a comfortable rest area for you.

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