Sari Barokah, Souvenir Center Since 2005

Sari Barokah Sentul AH Poong


Easily Accessible

Sari Barokah outlets are located in various major cities and close to tourist attractions.

Largest Souvenir Center

Sari Barokah has outlets that can accommodate a large number of tourists.

Spacious Parking

The parking area has a large capacity, sufficient to accommodate both small and large vehicles.

Most Complete Souvenir

No need to go anywhere else because everything is here, with thousands of products from various small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Comfortable Place

A spacious and comfortable environment with rest areas, restaurants, and well-maintained restrooms.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are very competitive and there's no need for bargaining, providing you with certainty.

Friendly Service

We always prioritize friendly service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Guaranteed Quality

We select from thousands of SME products that are high-quality and hygienically assured.

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